Q: My child is not in one of the main sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball/Softball), why should I get involved in the GABC?

R: The GABC helps provide every VHSL School sport with money towards equipment and events (invitationals, tourneys, etc), provides the Seasonal Banquets (meat, plates, napkins, drinks, T-Shirts, etc.) and scholarships.  Your membership dues and volunteering for concessions are what feeds our ability to support these Sports and Players.  Below is a listing of money for each sport this past Fall that the GABC helped:

      GHS Field Hockey—$568

      GMS Field Hockey—$400

      GHS Football—$500

      GHS Volleyball—$475

      GHS Trainers Office—$500

      GHS Golf—$450

      GHS Sideline Cheer—$271

      GHS Competition Cheer—$215

      GHS Cross Country—$1064

      Fall Total— $3993

Q: I would like to help, but my child’s sport does not sell concessions at their events. 

R: True, there are some sports that do not sell concessions.  However, thru signup genius, you can volunteer at many other games and events including such events as the County Science Fair (held at Grafton).  Also, if you are doing concessions, you get into the game/event for free (we place a list of volunteers up at the entry).


Q: I really like what GABC is doing, but I don’t have the time.  Is there another way for me to support the GABC?

R: First and foremost, please become a member.  Everyone in your family can become a member.  Second, volunteer if able.  Third, GABC accepts donations.  Every person can contribute to the success of the GABC and Grafton Athletics!